Brian Role` & Lola Palmer - Notte Bianca Malta 2009

This year Brian Role` and Lola Palmer are preparing something extra special for their magical participation during Notte Bianca's now popular celebrations in Malta which is bound to leave audiences mystified, entertained and pleased with their performance.

Their act 'Magic Of The Night' will be shown a number of times during the spectacular show 'Magic After Dark' to be put on by the Malta Magician's Society, IBM Ring 202 held at the City Theatre in Valletta on the 3rd of October 2009. Apart from the grand illusion and magical effects people coming to the theatre to come and see the shows held by magician members of the society will also have the opportunity to come and see a very special act brought in from Italy especially for the event.

Hundreds of people are expected to come and view the show and everyone is already anticipating with great excitement this annual event.

This is Brian Role` and Lola Palmer's third consecutive time that they will be participating during Notte Bianca since 2007. In 2007 they introduced their Notte Bianca show 'Magic Of the Night' which went down extremely well with the Maltese public.

You can learn more about Brian Role and Lola Palmer's show Magic Of The Night at


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