23 August 2012

Virtually Magic - A virtual world of the unreal!

A message from Brian & Lola

Dear Friends and Fans.

After 7 years of performing under the cloak of The Plamers Magic, we felt the need to make a change. The Plamers Magic has taken us the world over and we have enjoyed ourselves fully but there is an end to everything and we feel the end to that is now. But this does not mean that we have eneded our career, on the other hand it has just begun with a fresh new approach one that we are very excited about. with new illusions coming our way, with great music composed especially for us and new costumes being designed as we speak, the obvious change remaining was that  of our brand image. Therefore it brings us great pleasure to present to the world, Virtually Magic! Virtually Magic has taken us over a year to develop and now we are almost ready to launch! Much More to come with our new website launch in September www.virtuallymagic.eu.

For the time being we have just opened our new Facebook Page for Virtually Magic and invite you to become our fans. At the moment, the facebook page is a reminder of who we are and what we do but in the short coming future it will be a mirror of the present and a looking glass into the future!

This is the link to our FB Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Virtually-Magic/138217566259224

Please like it and share the magic!

Thank you

Brian & Lola


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