19 August 2012

Exclusive spectacular weekly illusion show in Malta commencing tonight.

Today we start Malta's biggest weekly illusion show in the top summer resort in Malta. This is a full scale production show, with fun and mystifying illusions, great choreography and the latest and best stage lighting effects available and will be showing every Sunday.

Our schedule has been rather full this season, with shows at the Chamber Of Mysteries Dinner Show (  www.chamberofmysteries.com )every Monday, Wednesday and Friday plus we are currently performing on a weekly basis in two local touristic resorts, this leaves us just two days to enjoy the summer but these too are usually filled in with private shows and corporate events.

If the above does not seem to be enough, we are also very busy preparing the launch of our new website www.virtuallymagic.eu which shall be replacing our 2006 website www.thepalmersmagic.com since much of what we offered back then has very much changed with the times.

We are also awaiting new illusions coming our way which shall be replacing our older but trust worthy illusions which have worked as much and as hard as we have!

Oh well, what can one say other than it has been a magical life? We are grateful for all the opportunities given to us during these past years and are looking forward to the new openings ahead. Thank you, thank you and thank you again!


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