19 January 2012

Malta's unique magical experience!

The Chamber of Mysteries opens its newly refurbished attraction once again for visitors. Those who have already ventured for this experience, during the previous season, last year, were promised a night of mystery, illusion and fun and this was delivered with great success.

Now for its second run, everything has been enhanced with a full refurbishment of the attraction, which is held in a secret chamber at Razzett L-Antik in Qormi. The chamber itself which has been transformed into a comfortable intimate 30 seat tiered theater, with excellent views from every seat sets the ambient for an exclusive night not found elsewhere in Malta.

The show, now exclusively presented by illusionist Brian Role' together with Lourdes Palmer, includes some of their most special acts together with other rarely seen items exclusively reserved for the secret chamber, making this experience one of a kind. But the Chamber of Mysteries is no ordinary magic/illusion show, instead it is a mixture of close up magic, spectacular illusion, mind reading and other things that defy explanation, things that could easily be classified as paranormal. All of this is blended in with humor, mystery and lots of audience participation.

The venue which houses this extraordinary live attraction, is actually an authentic 18th century farmhouse, transformed into one of Malta's best restaurants, specialising in typical Maltese cuisine by some of the best chefs on the island. It is built around a courtyard with several dining and banquet rooms, some of which are reserved for exclusive use, and also has its own wartime underground shelter and wine cellar. Before the show commences, visitors will be treated to a sumptuous three course meal, consisting of a starter, main course and followed by typical Maltese deserts all freshly prepared and cooked by the resident chef at Razzett L-Antik. Flowing wine (or soft drinks)throughout the meal completes a great dining experience. After the meal, visitors will be led to the secret chamber, where there, they will witness wonders that come alive right before their eyes.

The Chamber of Mysteries will be open all year round, with several dates and shows already on the schedule. For the latest news and updates visit http://www.chamberofmysteries.com where you can also book online or obtain further details about this unique experience. You can also visit the FB Page dedicated to the Chamber Of Mysteries here: http://facebook.com/chamberofmysteries


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