13 December 2012

What a year and another to come!

Well what a year it has been!!

With magic performances on television (Sas-Sitta NET TV), about 125 performances at the Chamber Of Mysteries, ( www.chamberofmysteries.com ) a month of magic on Colorline cruises and our various performances around hotels and resorts in Malta and Gozo plus the corporate events and private bookings and the launching of our new website www.virtuallymagic.eu life certainly isn't magically dull at all!

During the past year we've visited Norway and Germany and Spain (yes Spain once again) and also travelled to Bilbao for some magic over there too. We could have visited other places but that would have meant closing down the magic theater at the Chamber of Mysteries during our travels, which in turn would have dissapointed the people visiting Malta wanting to see an amazing show whilst enjoying a great night out on our little island. So we decided to leave some travels for early 2013 before the new season at the Chamber Of Mysteries commences again, around mid January.

This year we wrap up our magical performances away from the Maltese islands, 1st time in about 6 years, aboard the Color Magic cruise ship but we are already planning a huge schedule of performances for next year which will be announced soon.

Keep in tune for our latest adventures from all over the globe! 



14 November 2012

Magic At Sea

Cruising the Baltic sea is a wonderful experience. Views of Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Germany are mind blowing.

Magic aboard is great, can't complain that it isn't a magical life!

Will be back in Malta again very soon to carry on our shows at the Chamber Of Mysteries and around the various resorts!

Although it's been great here, I am looking forward to coming back to Malta to carry on the magical experience there!


09 October 2012

Magic Illusion - Water to Ice performed by Brian Role`

Water to ice performed by Brian Role`

(aka Brian Role` jiffriza l-ilma b'idu!)

Subscribe to our Youtube channel as we will be uploading some clips to can't afford to miss :P


23 August 2012

Virtually Magic - A virtual world of the unreal!

A message from Brian & Lola

Dear Friends and Fans.

After 7 years of performing under the cloak of The Plamers Magic, we felt the need to make a change. The Plamers Magic has taken us the world over and we have enjoyed ourselves fully but there is an end to everything and we feel the end to that is now. But this does not mean that we have eneded our career, on the other hand it has just begun with a fresh new approach one that we are very excited about. with new illusions coming our way, with great music composed especially for us and new costumes being designed as we speak, the obvious change remaining was that  of our brand image. Therefore it brings us great pleasure to present to the world, Virtually Magic! Virtually Magic has taken us over a year to develop and now we are almost ready to launch! Much More to come with our new website launch in September www.virtuallymagic.eu.

For the time being we have just opened our new Facebook Page for Virtually Magic and invite you to become our fans. At the moment, the facebook page is a reminder of who we are and what we do but in the short coming future it will be a mirror of the present and a looking glass into the future!

This is the link to our FB Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Virtually-Magic/138217566259224

Please like it and share the magic!

Thank you

Brian & Lola


19 August 2012

Exclusive spectacular weekly illusion show in Malta commencing tonight.

Today we start Malta's biggest weekly illusion show in the top summer resort in Malta. This is a full scale production show, with fun and mystifying illusions, great choreography and the latest and best stage lighting effects available and will be showing every Sunday.

Our schedule has been rather full this season, with shows at the Chamber Of Mysteries Dinner Show (  www.chamberofmysteries.com )every Monday, Wednesday and Friday plus we are currently performing on a weekly basis in two local touristic resorts, this leaves us just two days to enjoy the summer but these too are usually filled in with private shows and corporate events.

If the above does not seem to be enough, we are also very busy preparing the launch of our new website www.virtuallymagic.eu which shall be replacing our 2006 website www.thepalmersmagic.com since much of what we offered back then has very much changed with the times.

We are also awaiting new illusions coming our way which shall be replacing our older but trust worthy illusions which have worked as much and as hard as we have!

Oh well, what can one say other than it has been a magical life? We are grateful for all the opportunities given to us during these past years and are looking forward to the new openings ahead. Thank you, thank you and thank you again!


06 August 2012

New Dates Available for The Chamber Of Mysteries Dinner Show In Malta

The Chamber Of Mysteries, the entertaining show featuring international illusionist and magician Brian Role' and Lola Palmer, has just announced that it has made available Friday nights for extra performances throughout the coming months. This will enable the show to cater for the extra demand it has encountered during the past months.

Those attend the Chamber of Mysteries show during August 2012 will leave the chamber with a rare gift they can enjoy after the show! The gift is being given out to celebrate the 1st Anniversary since the start of the show.

A special offer is now being made available for locals who wish to attend on a Friday night.  Monday and Wednesday nights remain unaffected. For more information about the Chamber of Mysteries Dinner Show and the special offer available for Maltese residents call 21470221.

Chamber Of Mysteries, 1743 ir-Razzett L-Antik, Valley Road, QormiTel: 21470221
Web: http://www.chamberofmysteries.com


02 July 2012

Malta Dinner Show now going on to its 1st Year

Malta's amazing dinner show The Chamber Of Mysteries will be celebrating its first year in production in August 2012 and during the past 11 months many visitors from all over the world have visited the Chamber Of Mysteries and we are thrilled to have seen so many faces from different countries!

The show featuring international illusionist Brian Role' and Lola Palmer is currently showing twice weekly on Monday and Wednesday evenings at ir-Razzett L-Antik in Qormi.

Wednesdays are special as an extended menu with a variety of dishes offering Maltese food in a grand buffet style is offered along with a traditional Maltese Dance Folklore Show and Maltese Musicians.

The main attraction itself takes place in a comfortable specially designed tiered secret theater that can only accommodate a small number of people providing them with a very unique intimate and personal magical experience.

Check Out The Promo Video Below:

For more information and to book one of the limited spaces available visit http://www.chamberofmysteries.com

Also like the Chamber of Mysteries Facebook Page here : http://www.facebook.com/ChamberOfMysteries



31 January 2012

Malta's Hidden Chamber of Mysteries Offers Visitors Dinner and Show

Amid the streets of Qormi, tucked away within the walls of an authentic 18th century farmhouse is a secret chamber, once the meeting place of medieval wizardry, that has been transformed into a 30 seat theatre now occupied by international illusionists Brian Role' and Lola Palmer who have both have embarked on a mission, to provide a regular permanent attraction, unique in Malta, especially for those who love mystery, magic and illusion.

"After travelling the world, providing our magic in several countries for these past 12 years, we longed for creating a permanent magical experience, in an intimate venue specifically designed for us, here in Malta." Mr Role' says.

Their show, 'Chamber Of Mysteries', is a dinner and show combination held twice weekly in the newly refurbished intimate theatre styled chamber found at '1743' Razzett L-Antik. The show consists of a mixture of close up-magic, parlour magic, illusion and mind-reading. The theatre has been specifically designed to offer a comfortable setting with unobstructed views from all seats, which was a very important factor for this kind of show.

Mr Role' goes on to tell us: "Thanks to the owners and management of Razzett L-Antik, together with several others who have helped us along the way, our dream has now become reality and we are very excited to be able to share it with those who dare to venture into this unique magical experience!"

The food, served before the show commences, is a mixture of authentically cooked traditional Maltese cuisine, added with copious amounts of wine to complete the experience. After dinner, guests are led to the secret chamber to view several mysteries unfold before their eyes.

"It's a fun packed show, with some very funny moments, great magic and spectacular illusions and we have taken our time to enhance the experience with other visual and audio effects." Ms Palmer tells us.

Mr Role' is a member of Ring 202, the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Magic Circle of London and has won several awards including first prize in Ring 202's Parlour Magic Competition in 2004. Lola Palmer (Lourdes Camilleri Palmer), who is trained and has worked as a professional dancer for several years, also produced and choreographed several shows in Malta as well as abroad. She has been accompanying Brian on a regular basis during their local and international shows for over 11 years.

The farmhouse has been restored and Razzett L-Antik is fully accessible, equipped with a lift and wide doorways. Once a milling factory, it now specialises in slow food farmhouse cooking.

For more information please visit the website http://www.chamberofmysteries.com

About Chamber Of Mysteries

Chamber of Mysteries
1743 Razzett L-Antik

Valley Road, Qormi

+356 21470221


Source: http://pressexposure.com/Maltas_Hidden_Chamber_of_Mysteries_Offers_Visitors_Dinner_and_Show-432834.html


19 January 2012

Malta's unique magical experience!

The Chamber of Mysteries opens its newly refurbished attraction once again for visitors. Those who have already ventured for this experience, during the previous season, last year, were promised a night of mystery, illusion and fun and this was delivered with great success.

Now for its second run, everything has been enhanced with a full refurbishment of the attraction, which is held in a secret chamber at Razzett L-Antik in Qormi. The chamber itself which has been transformed into a comfortable intimate 30 seat tiered theater, with excellent views from every seat sets the ambient for an exclusive night not found elsewhere in Malta.

The show, now exclusively presented by illusionist Brian Role' together with Lourdes Palmer, includes some of their most special acts together with other rarely seen items exclusively reserved for the secret chamber, making this experience one of a kind. But the Chamber of Mysteries is no ordinary magic/illusion show, instead it is a mixture of close up magic, spectacular illusion, mind reading and other things that defy explanation, things that could easily be classified as paranormal. All of this is blended in with humor, mystery and lots of audience participation.

The venue which houses this extraordinary live attraction, is actually an authentic 18th century farmhouse, transformed into one of Malta's best restaurants, specialising in typical Maltese cuisine by some of the best chefs on the island. It is built around a courtyard with several dining and banquet rooms, some of which are reserved for exclusive use, and also has its own wartime underground shelter and wine cellar. Before the show commences, visitors will be treated to a sumptuous three course meal, consisting of a starter, main course and followed by typical Maltese deserts all freshly prepared and cooked by the resident chef at Razzett L-Antik. Flowing wine (or soft drinks)throughout the meal completes a great dining experience. After the meal, visitors will be led to the secret chamber, where there, they will witness wonders that come alive right before their eyes.

The Chamber of Mysteries will be open all year round, with several dates and shows already on the schedule. For the latest news and updates visit http://www.chamberofmysteries.com where you can also book online or obtain further details about this unique experience. You can also visit the FB Page dedicated to the Chamber Of Mysteries here: http://facebook.com/chamberofmysteries


03 January 2012

The Past And the Future

First of all best wishes for 2012, looks like it is going to be a great year and we will be there to bring magic and illusion into your lives!

Let us take a look back at 2011 and have a look at the main things that we achieved during the past year.

January - April 2011
Ongoing performances across Malta and Gozo for hotels which included Coastline and Mellieha Bay Hotel as well as for private events and other functions.
In February we took a few days to visit Valencia where we provided a close up performance during a private event and after continued on to Benidorm where we were planning to spend the summer season performing, plans that eventually went astray later on during the year due to other commitments.
Started working on new acts and new illusions for our show.
Contracted Steve Saunders from Magitracks.com to compose custom made original music for acts to set us apart from others who use commercial music for their shows.

April-May 2011
Performed on the Color Magic and Color Fantasy cruise Ships between Oslo and Kiel.

June - October 2011
Began the summer season in Malta with ongoing performances across the islands for private events and hotels including Riviera Hotel and Mellieha Bay Hotel.
In July we took over a dinner show at Razzett L-Antik and transformed it into a popular attraction called the Chamber of Mysteries http://www.chamberofmysteries.com

October 2011
Started weekly slots as resident magician/illusionists during two weekly television programmes, one for children called L-Imqarbin which was shown on Favourite TV and went on till end Of December 2011 with a total of 13 performances and one on NET TV called Sas-Sitta with Spiteri Lucas Entertainment which is still currently going and should include 39 performances till the end of the seasonal programme.
Visited Barcelona to perform some magic and lecture about the use of lose up levitation methods for a group of Spanish magicians.

November 2011
Performed at the Manoel Theatre (Teatru Manoel) during the 'Magical Variety' a show produced by Bleep Entertainment and Teatru Manoel.
After a few months of opening the Chmaber Of Mysteries, we requried a larger performing space and therefore we decided to transform and refurbish the Chamber and commenced works on the refurbishment project.
Began weekly appearances as resident illusionists at the Buskett Roadhouse in a cabaret show called Spectaculesqe

December 2011
Started filming on various projects as well as performed in various hotels and venues across Malta and during various staff functions.
Almost completed works on the Chamber Of Mysteries, now with a fully refurbished chamber, better seating and a larger performing area whilst maintaining an intimate atmosphere.
The last performance for 2011 was at The Grand Hotel in Gozo on New Year's Eve, where guests that attended the great gala dinner were offered a variety of illusions, magic and fun.

So as one can see, we had a great year packed with magic and illusion for all which consisted of various close up, parlour, television and stage performances across Malta and Gozo as well as in Spain, Germany and Norway.

2012 is now here and we are involved in many projects and shows and performances on television, in hotels at the Chamber Of Mysteries and other venues.

Works at the Chamber of Mysteries are almost completed, we just need to set the lights and put back the props. We have now a larger performing area and can include some items that couldn't have been included earlier on. Also during the works we have discovered more items that we have decided to put into the show. The Chamber re opens for all on the 16th Of January 2012 with the first three shows sold out! We have changed the days and are now performing on Mondays and Wednesdays. If you intend to visit Malta, then it is a place you must visit! www.chamberofmysteries.com

On television our year starts off with an interesting program which airs today on NET TV on the program Quadro. This program will bring the audience at home information abou the history of Magic in Malta with some rare footage of past magicians as well as footage from the present magicians and some unique footage taken especially for this program. Parts of the Magical Variety which was filmed last November will also be aired.

We continue to appear on the weekly program Sas-Sitta on Net TV every Saturday afternoon where each week we present a different illusion or magic act for audiences at home.

Through out the year we have other guest appearances on television, on different stations so look out for us!

We should continue appearing at Buskett Soadhouse during the Spectaculesque cabaret show.

We will continue appearing in a few hotels hotels across Malta, our main hotel being Mellieha Bay Hotel due to the excellent stage and backstage facilities offered there which is ideal for our show.

In the pipeline we have many other projects including some new illusions and preparing some new acts plus giving twists to older acts we have in order to update them for 2012.

We hope to see you or at least we hope you get to see us perform somewhere.