14 August 2011

The Chamber of Mysteries A Brand New Show In Malta

The Chamber of Mysteries has only been discovered recently and is set on the outskirts of Qormi, in Malta, the most mysterious and magical island in the world. It has been a hidden secret for centuries but it has now been revealed that in the chamber, many years ago, magicians gathered and held their secretive magical meetings. In the chamber they would share their conjuring skills and magical secrets with one another. During the medieval times, the magicians were scared of the dreadful tortures of the inquisition and ceased to meet on a regular basis. Since the chamber held many secrets and mysteries, it was sealed off completely and its existence was hushed up. No one dare mention the secret Chamber Of Mysteries. When the last of the magicians that met in the chamber eventually died, the chamber and its whereabouts died with him and the secrets that lay within were lost in time.

In recent decades, the sealed entrance to the chamber was discovered and opened and in the chamber there lay in centuries of dust, many strange, magical and mystical items of delight, bewilderment and mayhem. For decades, several were those who attempted to figure out the workings of the items found within the chamber and many were those who tired to steal the items, but all were unsuccessful. Then just when everyone began to give up on trying to understand the workings of the items discovered, the unimaginable happened. Two magicians entered the dark and eery chamber and they were the ones chosen by the chamber to unlock the mysteries of the items within its walls and the real magical secrets of the chamber itself were finally revealed to them.

Now for the very first time in history, the Chamber has wished for itself to be opened to the public and its contents displayed for audiences.

Malta's most secretive and mysterious ambient now offers you the only truly mystical, magical and amazing show on the island.

Your night is complimented by a great traditional 3 course meal and flowing wine in the adjacent all year courtyard of the 18th century building.

It is truly an amazing night you will never forget. Those who love mystery, illusion and in an intimate magical environment can not afford to miss the unique experience the Chamber of Mysteries delivers.

No matter if you are a local, or a tourist visiting Malta, the Chamber of Mysteries cannot be missed!

The chamber's doors are open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and the night of mysteries are presented by the top two of Malta's finest illusionists, Brian Role' together with Lola Palmer or Vanni Pule' together with Maryanne Pule' depending on the day of your visit. When calling find out who will be performing on the day of your visit!

The menu boast Maltese traditional cooking at its best.


Fresh Vegetable soup
Penne with Maltese sausage, garden peas & a chopped tomato cream sauce


Buffet Main Course served in pots & pans in the middle of the table
Koxxa tal-Majjal

Succulent leg of pork
Tigieg bil-Klin

Marinated roasted chicken with rosemary and cayenne pepper
Hut bil-Zalza tal-Kappar

Fish with caper sauce

Traditional roasted potatoes And a selection of seasonal vegetables


Imqaret, Xkunvat u Pudina tal-Hobz
A Platter of Dates, Fried Pastry and Bread Pudding

Flowing house wine during dinner!

*Menu Subject to change, please enquire upon booking.

Dinner Starts at 8pm and the show commence at 10pm until 11.30pm

Transport is available for tourists or people without transport.
Please call Razzett l-Antik today to inquire and book!!

The secret 'Chamber of Mysteries'
Razzett L-Antik
Valley Road
Telephone: 00356 21 470 221



10 August 2011

THe All New Mystery And Illusion Show

Unleashing a night of mystery and illusion in one great show. Everything kicks of this Saturday at Razzett L-Antik in Qormi Malta.

More info during the coming days.