11 October 2010

Success in Cartoonland

On the 2nd and 3rd October, Brian Role' together with Lourdes C Palmer and a cast of 25 other performers, transformed Malta's national theatre, Teatru Manoel into a world of exciting fun for all the family during their performance in 'Magic In Cartoonland'.

The audience were treated to a unique show that featured lavish sets artistically created by Marco Bartolo, colorful costumes throughout the entire show, a magic fairy called Wonderbell who took the audience on a magical journey, played by talented actress Michelle Bugeja Zerafa and amazing grand scale illusions, some of which are rarely seen in Malta. Dance routines skilfully choreographed by Alison White and performed by the Alison White Dancers (Valerie, Shannon, Kim and Alexandra) joined the scenes seamlessly. A young Brian played by the young talented singer and dancer Owen Aguis opened the storyline for show.

Surprises galore were in store for all those present: during the first half a dozen and a half penguins (actually dancers in superb penguin costumes) together with the Snow Queen appeared in Antartica, a young girl was picked from the audience and flew on a flying carpet in the secret Arabian cave of wonders, two more lucky kids were selected to enter Cartoonland and experience more magic from close quarters at the school of wizards and witches. The second half invited further participation as a young child and a grown up were zapped into Cartoonland and on the pirate boat their strengths were magically exchanged, another lucky kid experienced magic in a different way when a magic TV transformed the kid down to the size of 5 inches at the chocolate factory. The kid then completely vanished and was sent back to reality into actual size. Further surprises included the magical appearances of full size popular cartoon characters that popped out of thin air at the magic castle and that gave a once in a lifetime performance for all those present. The show finished off in grand style with all the performers running through the audience down the isle and onto stage. If this wasn't enough, a bigger surprise awaited outside the theatre. The audience were surprised to see the whole cast including the animation team of BLEEP KIDS distributing a small gift to all the children present.

The illusions presented included almost all forms of floating objects and levitations as well as other popular illusions such as the Wakeling Sawing in Half and Jim Steinmeyer's Girl in a Puzzle amongst many others.

Reactions and comments from all those present excited the cast, the producers and direction and it was obvious that this was a memorable occasion for everyone.

The show production was a collaboration between Teatru Manoel and BLEEP (Kids) Entertainment Services Malta and was skilfully directed by Alan Fenech. Backstage crew consisted of Stage Manager: Charles Camilleri, Stage Hands: Glen Mercieca, Clint Camilleri, Aaron Demanuele, Mario, Set Manager: Marco Bartolo, Lights: Marvic, Sound: Ivan Testa Backstage Assistant: Ernest Buckley and Costume Mistress: Vivien Bickley Palmer.

Martin Farrugia.

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