05 November 2009

Photos from The Ghost of De Vilhena Show at The Manoel theatre 31-10-2009

Memiors of the Halloween 2009 Show At The Manoel Theatre
'Meet The Ghost Of De Vilhena'

All photos by Ivan Pierre Vella

Brian Role' And Lola Palmer give a tribute to Harry Houdini, who died on the 31st October 1926 exactly 83 years ago, by performing his famous Metamorphosis Trunk .

Brian Role' showing his wizardry with an antique head torture device on Mary Anne Pule' who comes out unharmed.

Brian Role' and Lola Palmer in their twisted magical version of the Phantom.

Vanni Pule' a 1920's Vampire discovers his mid twentieth counterpart Brian Role' as they both struggle for power. Vanni makes 6 foot Brian just a few inches tall using an evil compression device.

Brian Role' gets his own back on Vanni Pule' and decapitates Vanni.

Both Brian and Vanni decide to join as one in their final act of pursue of power and make ghostly figures appear from thin air then translocate themselves.

Thunderous applause during the final curtain call when Brian Role', Vanni Pule', Lola Palmer, Mary Anne Pule' and the Alison White Dancers take their final bow.

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