28 November 2008

Tomorrow Night On Euro Showbox

Tomorrow night on Euro Showbox Brian Role' and Lola Palmer shall yet again perform and present a spectacular grand scale illusion which is not to be missed by the Maltese public.

Euro Showbox commences at 9:15pm on TVM Malta's national television station.

17 November 2008

This Week Appearances by Brian Role' and Lola Palmer

This week Brian Role' and Lola Palmer shall be appearing in live performances at the following venues and times:-

Tue 18-11-2008 Radisson SAS Golden Sands 21:45 Stage Show
Wed 19-11-2008 Mellieha Bay Hotel 21:45 Stage Show
Sat 22-11-2008 The Wine Theatre 23:00 Close Up Magic
Sun 23-11-2008 Brian Invitied as guest on Allegria on Super 1 TV

There will be no live performance by Brian & Lola on Euro Showbox as this week Euro Showbox is not scheduled on television programming due to the broadcast of the Junior Eurovision on TVM

10 November 2008

Magician Malta November Schedule

Brian Role' & Lola will appear at the following scheduled venues during November 2008

04-11 2008 -
Radisson Golden Sands 21:45
05-11-2008 - Mellieha Bay Hotel 21:45
11-11 2008 -
Radisson Golden Sands 21:45
12-11-2008 - Mellieha Bay Hotel 21:45
14-11-2008 - Oracle Casino 21:45
15-11-2008 - The Wine Bar Theatre 23:00
18-11 2008 -
Radisson Golden Sands 21:45
19-11-2008 - Mellieha Bay Hotel 21:45
22-11-2008 - The wine Bar Theatre 23:00

25-11-2008 - Radisson Golden Sands 21:45
26-10-2008 - Mellieha Bay Hotel 21:45

Television Appearances
From 8th November 2008 to End January 2009

Every Saturday On Malta's Natioanl T.V. Station TVM

08 November 2008

Euro SHowbox Television Appearance TVM

Brian Role' and Lola Palmer shall appear on Euro Showbox, a new programme based on the Eurovision song contest. Brian and Lola have become the programme's resident Illusionists and will provide grand scale illusion, each week during the 10 week schedule.

The first programme will be aired tonight (Saturday 8th November 2008) and every Saturday night after, from 9:15pm onwards for the next 10 weeks.

Brian and Lola shall also be releasing some new illusions, never shown by them on TV, during the series.